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Services Checklists – Miami

Aplus Exclusive Cleaning Service Inc. Check List

Residential Cleaning Services

One Time Cleaning
Deep Cleaning
Maid Service (Daily, Weekly, By-weekly, Monthly)
Move in/ Move Out Cleaning
Cleaning House/Condo/Apartment for sale
Vacations Apartment/Homes
Post Construction Cleaning
Holiday/Special Events/Birthday Parties/Weddings


Commercial Cleaning Service

Medical Offices
Shopping Centers
Religious Centers
Childcare Facilities
Retail Stores
Office Cleaning
Janitorial Services
Nail Salons

Miami Association of Realtors.

Aplus Exclusive Cleaning Service Inc. happily is member of the Miami Association of Realtors to provide special home cleaning services. Move In/Out Cleaning Services can quickly help get a home ready for you to show. Have a house that needs a through cleaning prior to a client moving in?

or clients have moved to their new home location. Our professional team is ready to perform the very best services to your clients. We can also assist with new home, post construction clean up.

Medical Office Cleaning

We have the office cleaning staff and equipment to handle any medical office needs that your facility may require on an ongoing cleaning program for daily and weekly for medical office.

When you need Aplus Exclusive Cleaning Service Inc. Contact us

Office Cleaning Services

Our Cleaning Services are offered with the full guarantee of confidence and security. You can trust us to provide quality office cleaning.

Aplus Exclusive Cleaning Service Inc. Check List

Commercial and Residential Pressure Washing
Soft Washing
Pressure Washing
Roof Cleaning
Driveway Pressure Cleaning
Pool Deck Pressure Cleaning
Sidewalk Pressure Cleaning
Patio Pressure Cleaning
Homeowners Association
Post Construction Cleaning

Dust and debris removal

Paint and stain removal
​​​​​​Air ducts
Living spaces
Exterior areas

Bedrooms & Living Spaces

1) Vacuum and damp-mop floor surfaces to remove debris and residue
2) Steam clean carpets and rugs to remove dirt and stains
3) Dust and wipe light switches
4) Dust and wipe windows and windowsills
5) Dust and wipe tables, shelves, windowsills and other flat surfaces
6) Wipe and polish knobs, handles, switches and other small elements
7) Clean baseboards and walls of marks and stains
8) Clean mirrors (if any)
9) Clean and dust closets and shelves
10) Remove all floors covering
11) Take out the trash


1) Remove marks or paint stains from walls and baseboards
2) Deep-clean and disinfect all surfaces where food is handled
3) Clean the sink and the stovetop using degreaser.
4) Vacuum and mop the floor
5) Clean cabinets and drawers inside and outside
6) Clean kitchen appliances, including ovens, stoves, refrigerators and microwaves
7) Clean windows and glass surfaces
8) Clean doors, including doorknobs and door frames
9) Clean light fixtures
10) Polish stainless steel surfaces
11) Clean and disinfect exhaust fans, filters and ventilation grills
12) Remove all trash


1) Clean and disinfect toilets
2) Clean and sanitize sinks and faucets
3) Scrub and disinfect bathtubs
4) Clean and disinfect showers
5) Clean tiles with a non-abrasive cleaning material
6) Wipe and polish mirrors and other reflective surfaces
7) Take out the trash and sanitize the trash container
8) Vacuum, mop and sanitize the floor
9) Wipe and sanitize the walls
10) Clean cabinets inside and outside
11) Dust and wipe baseboards
12) Clean light switches
13) Remove construction stickers or protective coverings from bathroom fixtures
14) Clean bathroom accessories, such as toilet paper holders and towel racks

Exterior Areas

1) Sweep and/or power wash walkways
2) Pick up trash and debris
3) Remove unused construction materials and equipment
4) Sweep decks, porches and patios
5) Clean garage doors or parking barriers

Move In / Move Out

Bathrooms :
Shower head
Shower screen
Exhaust Fan

Toilets :
Toilet Bowl
Pipes behind toilet
Exhaust Fan

Kitchen :
Stove including elements.
Oven inside/out must be grease free.
Rangehood and filters
Cupboards and pantry
Fridge inside/out (If only part of furnishings)
Microwave inside/out (if only part of furnishings)

Laundry :
Washing Machine inside/out
Dryer inside/out

General :

Window inside
Windowsills and tracks
Window screen
Light fittings need to be wiped and bug free
Light switches
Air condition unit and filters
Remove all cobwebs.
Mop all hard floors.
Staircase Handrails
Ceiling fans
Power points
Skirting Boards
Doors and door frames
Vacuum all floors, walls, and ceiling.

Garage and/or storeroom to be free of cobwebs and grease marks
Regular Cleaning

Event Cleaning

Pre-Event Clean Up :

Remove trash from the site
Sweep and vacuum floors
Arrange tables and chairs
Distribute trash cans throughout the event venue
Clean common areas
Clean and disinfect bathrooms Stock supplies in the bathrooms

 Live Event Clean Up :

Empty trash cans before they overflow.
Line trash cans and recycle bins.
Clean up trash that has fallen on the ground during the event.
Maintain common areas clean as much as possible.
Maintain clean and disinfect bathrooms as much as possible.
Stock supplies in the bathrooms as needed.

Post-Event Clean Up :
Remove trash and haul it away.
Sweep and vacuum floors.
Move tables, chairs, equipment, etc.
Assist with loading trucks.
Clean common areas
Clean and disinfect bathrooms, Stock supplies in the bathrooms.

Airbnb Cleaning

Check for personal items left behind
Check doors and locks.

Wash the dishes
Clean and organize inside the kitchen cabinets and drawers
Remove trash and sanitize
Clean kitchen area (tables, counters, chairs, sink)
Check and clean the refrigerator, oven, making sure it's available for the next guests
Clean Microwave
Wash and sweep the floor
Refill soap dispensers
Place the utensils, dishes, and cookware back in their original positions
Make sure the kitchen is dry

Check for stains on the bedsheets and mattress
Change bedsheets and pillowcases
Empty trash bin
Ensure closets and drawers are empty
Dust furniture and windows
Vacuum/sweep/mop the floors

Living rooms
Unplug game systems and TVs.
Check if they're in good condition.
Check for stains and change cushion covers if necessary
Clean and rearrange pillows, blankets, table covers, etc.
Dust windows and tables
Vacuum/sweep/mop the floors

Clean and scrub the floors, bathtub, and shower area
Clean mirrors
Sanitize toilets
Empty the trash
Replenish shampoo, conditioner, and soap bottles and toilet paper (make sure extra rolls are visible)
Replace used towels with new ones

Special Request :
Deep clean furniture and carpets
Stock inventory
Check for property damage
Report missing items
Wipe and disinfect high-touch areas, like doors and handles, to remove germs and reduce health risks

Additional Services

Cleaning Exterior Window
Organize Closets and Clothes Drawers
Cleaning/Organize Garage
Clean and Organize Porch/Terrace
Wash/Dry/Fold Laundry
Wash/Dry Dishes
Steam Cleaner Services
Interior Refrigerator (Included in Deep Cleaning)
Interior Freezer (Included in Deep Cleaning)
Interior Oven (Included in Deep Cleaning)
Interior Kitchen Cabinets
Interior Bathroom Cabinets

Residential Cleaning Services